This is a preliminary page to host SyMT, a command-line tool to detect symmetries in SMT formulas. SyMT detects symmetries by building a colored graph from the given SMT formula, and applying graph automorphism detection with the third party tool Saucy3.
A description of SyMT is available in this tool paper submitted to CADE-24.

Download and installation

The code source of SyMT is distributed in this file, under the BSD license. To install, apply the following instructions:

  tar zxvf SyMT.tar.gz
  cd SyMT
and type
  ./SyMT -h
for help usage. For instance, type
  ./SyMT ~/SMT-LIB2/QF_UF/NEQ/NEQ004_size4.smt2
to get the set of generators for the symmetries of the formula in file QF_UF/NEQ/NEQ004_size4.smt2.


To submit a bug report, please fill this form. Thanks for helping us improving SyMT.

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