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The latest releases of veriT. Releases with the suffix -rmx are optimized for proof production and do not support non-linear arithmetic.


This release is automatically generated from the latest commit to our internal repository.

File SHA256
Source Code verit-2021.06-29-g6ddbea3-rmx.tar.gz 4da83dc5bd055dc596cb7778096dfca30e4d24147b81055da1f87622985d175e
Windows Binaries 91d075c43c2e1139a85bac1617a053ec7dcc73d46d4b0b15b2b60e1ad61683d9


File SHA256
Source Code verit-2021.06-rmx.tar.gz c09bb1613f8faac830e7dcbcde9abd1103f107ede9a9777e0a6a950e80330809
Windows Binaries dfb0cffb4402f973fdb2306ef4a0df89ec6895a61ea98e575204f95ef6b193a6


File SHA256
Source Code verit-2020.10-rmx.tar.gz 7058ab8359fe0f77ada3a2effb02ab9c39c55935b54d91cfb4e958eecfec1d86
Windows Binaries b256bb758ebe227de6d5e820d32de617e76cdeda3e38bcc690b4bdb85964b440


  • 2016-10
File SHA256
Source Code veriT-stable2016.tar.gz 5a63e371feb720bbbedaef9de422deae565fc4fc0930d369b357f6abe4ec4272
Windows Installer setup-veriT-2016.1.exe 8bec735297065068d9868da1250f45bccf36dbf9e1029f8b074f62f06323773f

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